Full-face surface repair for production pallets

Peri GmbH, 89264 Weißenhorn, Germany

Headquartered in the Lower Saxony town of Nordhorn, PyraTec GmbH began to specialize in the overhaul of production pallets many years ago. In the meantime, the company is well established in the market providing customised repair solutions. After successful tests had been carried out with Peri Pave recently, Peri decided to cooperate closely with PyraTec in future: as a result, the specialist company will now take on the sustainable renovation of Peri production pallets with immediate effect – whilst taking into account the high Peri quality standards.

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PERI GmbH Schalung Gerüst Engineering Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 19 89264 Weißenhorn, Germany T+49 7309 9500 F+49 7309 9510 info@peri.de www.peri.de


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