State-of-the art block machine set-up in Argentina

Quadra, 74130 Contamine-sur-Arve, France

Renowned for their high-end products, Corblock, manufacturer of concrete products for more than 40 years, is currently being considered as a leading supplier for the precast industry in Argentina. As an innovative company, Corblock, based in Cordoba, has been striving to achieve even higher quality products by means of technical advancement, enabling it to stand out from the market. With a view to enhancing its scope of production as well as extending its range of products, Corblock has chosen Quadra as its trusted partner for the supply of a new « High Performance » production line. At the heart of this newly commissioned plant, the block-machine type Q12HP benefits from a mature technology, and perfectly meets Corblock’s needs. This state-of-the-art machine enables this company to manufacture at a high level of production within a short cycle time, as well as producing authentic and high-class products.

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Quadra 40, route de Findrol 74130 Contamine-sur-Arve, France T +33 45003 9221 F +33 45003 6997 Av. Italia s/n CP 5101, Malagueño, Córdoba, Argentina T +54 351 498 1310 F +54 351 498 1310


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