Principals, building contractors and manufacturers likewise benefit from high installation …

Schlüsselbauer Technology, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

… performance of prebed concrete pipe wet-cast in large scale production lines Do we install sewerage pipe properly, or quickly? 'Both', is the genuine response of more and more concrete pipe manufacturers when asked by their customers or contractors. For example, in spring 2013 in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, it was decided, to incorporate a new concrete pipe system into a project judged suitable on a trial basis in discussion with the designer and contractor. Even at that time, spontaneous feedback from everyone involved was very positive. When it came to installation of additional sewerage lines in 2014, it was decided that this concrete base pipe should be the system of choice again. To be precise, the Perfect Pipe concrete-plastic-composite-pipe had been chosen once again. In autumn 2014, more than 1600 linear metres of Perfect Pipe with a nominal width of DN250 were put in place for the collecting sewer main required in a housing development. For the local authority and the building contractor, the biggest gain was that the installation team was able to lay up to 90 metres a day!

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