Reformation of the Production Support Unit

Optimizing Precast Concrete Plant Management

Every organization is like a living body whose functions are described in detail in dedicated economic literature. If the organism receives no sustenance from the outside (food, water, air), it will physically die; if there is no intellectual sustenance (knowledge, R&D, experience), the organism will degrade. The same applies to a plant or a company. The current production activities (procurement of raw materials, processing and manufacturing process, payroll) help maintain the working condition, yet without qualitative development, any company is doomed to degradation. Therefore, managers and experts of all ranks in any company should adhere to the rule “not a single day without progress”. Even the areas which function well should be updated and improved on a regular basis. Not only technology and equipment should be upgraded, but organization and management processes as well. Moreover, the priority should lie in those areas that are traditionally regarded as “untouchable” and not subject to any reforms. This paper presents the author’s experience in reforming the production structure at the manufacturing sites of the TZhBI-4 Precast Holding, one of the biggest producers of concrete pipes and manholes in Russia.

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