Mörzinger Bau commissions circulation system for differing pallet widths

Kinast Maschinensysteme GmbH, 04838 Eilenburg, Germany

Once Mr Mörzinger, managing director of the eponymous Mörzinger Bau, had taken the decision of investing in a new circulation system for manufacturing double walls and element flooring, he looked into the subject intensively. He held conversations with suppliers of this type of plant and viewed various circulation systems in other precast facilities. In the course of these matters, a meeting came about between Mr Mörzinger and Mr Kinast, the managing director and owner of Kinast Maschinensysteme GmbH, to discuss this project. Mr Mörzinger’s request of being able to process differing pallet widths (2.20 x 10.60 m and 3.05 x 10.60 m) with one system was almost impossible to implement on a conventional circulation system. The space available of 13.7 x 70 m in the existing hall was also an additional limiting factor. This gave rise to the choice of a concept for the pallets to travel transversely but for the circulation to be made vertically rather than horizontally.

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