Supermix in Peru combines with Italian expertise for a solid concrete outcome

Nordimpianti System Srl, 66100 Chieti (CH), Italy

Concrete Supermix SA is part of the Cementero del Sur SA consortium which is itself part of the Grupo Gloria conglomerate, a company whose aim is to be a pivotal point of support to its customers by offering the latest technology combined with the highest professionalism. The company, because of its role in mining and major infrastructure projects at both a national and international level has always been considered a strategic partner and a winning choice for its customers. With high standards of safety, quality and respect for the environment, Supermix is a leader in the production and marketing of ready-mix concrete, aggregates, precast concrete products, and various other building products. Supermix recognized a growing trend of its customers that meant there was an increasing demand in the Peruvian market for the supply of high quality prestressed floor elements such as hollow core slabs and T-beams. In 2010 the company took an interest in pre­stressed concrete elements that could meet the technical requirements of the country, being that Peru is located in a seismic zone.

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