Mobile container laboratories as permanent workplaces for testing building materials

Testing Bluhm & Feuerherdt GmbH, 12277 Berlin, Germany

Both the construction and building materials industries frequently have need of suitable laboratory facilities for the external monitoring of construction sites at ever-changing national and international construction locations or of in-house production processes on factory prem- ises. This generally results in the creation of appropriate rooms, in this case laboratory testing areas, by converting existing working spaces, or using new buildings, external hiring or container solutions. In Germany, these rooms must also be set up in accordance with the Occupational Safety Ordinance (Arbeitsstättenverordnung, AStV, from 2011), otherwise continuous work in the sense of a permanent work- place is not permitted. Employers are nowadays no longer willing to risk the consequences of unlawful behaviour. In an extreme case, this could lead to claims for damages by employees.

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