Innovative finishing line for high-quality pavers and masonry blocks at Delfing in Saffig, Germany

FC Sonderkonstruktion GmbH, 93086 Wörth/Danube, Germany

Delfing Baustoffwerk GmbH & Co. KG in Saffig is a family-owned business which is now successfully managed by the second generation of the family. Above all, Delfing produces pumice and lightweight concrete wall materials and is a partner in the KLB sales company. Five years ago, on account of the growing requirements, the decision was taken to also manufacture garden and landscaping products. This resulted in the creation of the KLB-Gala brand. With the new finishing line the product range has now been extended by decorative paving, quarry stone walls, steps and palisades with high aesthetic standards.

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Delfing Baustoffwerk GmbH & Co. KG Ochtendunger Str. 30 56648 Saffig, Germany T +49 2625 96390 F +49 2625 963939 KLB Klimaleichtblock GmbH Lohmannstraße 31 56626 Andernach, Germany T +49 2632 25770 F +49 2632 2577770 FC Sonderkonstruktion GmbH Reitfeld 4 93086 Wörth/Donau, Germany T +49 9482 938580 F +49 9482-938581


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