Extreme performance of a sustainable concrete

Eco friendly self-consolidating concrete

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is one of the foremost breakthroughs in recent concrete technology. Given that cement is the main source of embodied CO2 in concrete, SCC has struggled so far to meet all the sustainability criteria and be ecofriendly as most of the concrete technologists still have the perception that flowability and stability of SCC can only be achieved by means of incorporating high cement/cementitious content (generally 500 ±60 kg/m3). EcoCrete-Xtreme (EC-X) is a state-of-the-art SCC that is manufactured with extremely low cement and cementitious contents (much less than 100 kg of cement out of less than 220 kg of total cementitious materials). This innovative concrete mix is a result of an extensive collaborative research work carried out by Innovation Center Iceland and Readymix Abu Dhabi. This paper sheds light on how EC-X successfully balances between the environmental, economical and social aspects that form the main pillars of a sustainable development. These aspects are presented in terms of the outstanding ease of placing of EC-X, extremely extended service life and substantial carbon footprint reduction of this innovative concrete mix.

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