Cusum control charts with V-mask in process control

Accurate compliance of fresh concrete properties of self-compacting concrete

EN 206:2014 has been in place as a new concrete standard since July 2014. Alongside minor changes, this results in an additional concept for the assessment of conformity of concrete compressive strength that is a radical change from the prior version, EN 206-1:2008. In addition to the well-known mean value criterion, so-called control chart procedures become a possible option at this point. In this context, the cusum (from cumulative sum) method, in particular, constitutes a novelty in conformity assessment. Further information about the cusum method in conformity assessment can be obtained in the literature [1-4]. However, the cusum method was not actually developed for conformity assessment, but rather for production control [4-7]. The difference between conformity assessment and production control arises from the fact that conformity control has importance for public safety and that there must be clear technical limit values, which may not be undercut, while production control is a tool with freely selectable limiting values for manufacturers [2]. With production control, the need for action is optional and normally arises from economic considerations.

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