The distinctive ‘Boundary Wall’ culture of Japan

Toyota Kohki Co., Ltd., Tokyo, 183-0035 Japan

The function of the boundary wall is not only separating the property but also creating impressions of the families living in the houses or of the companies. Also, the walls are not there only to hide the life inside. The boundary walls do not completely separate inside and outside. They separate the grounds leaving slight vagueness. The boundary walls allow good ventilation, and they also allow the people to see out- side nicely through the openings in the walls. So the space created inside the walls is not completely isolated. The walls try to maintain unity and harmony with the surroundings. An appropriate distance from the surroundings that are created by the walls. Not too close, not too far, not to be hidden completely, but also not to be exposed too much. This subtle space is the attractive point of the Japanese boundary walls. In this issue, this kind of boundary wall will be presented.

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