50th anniversary for a construction industry specialist

Robusta-Gaukel GmbH & Co. KG, 71263 Weil der Stadt, Germany

In 1948, the grandfather of the current owner, Adolf Gaukel, founded a smithy for construction materials in Esslingen, in which his son, Alfred Gaukel, has been engaged since 1960. His leadership has seen a company develop out of this reinforcing steel metalworking business that has become increasingly well-known for special solutions both at construction sites and in the domain of precast components. The “Robusta” trademark was registered in 1965 with the company celebrating its 50th anniversary just recently, although its beginnings in fact go back much further.

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Robusta-Gaukel GmbH & Co KG Brunnenstraße 36 71263 Weil der Stadt, Germany T +49 7033 53710 F +49 7033 537131 info@robusta-gaukel.com www.robusta-gaukel.com


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