Requirements for the manufacturing process of high-performance concretes – part 1

Scientific principles for qualitative evaluation

The performance and profitability of a concrete building site essentially depends on the manufacturing of the concrete in the mixing plant. Here, the concrete mixer represents the most important element. With regard to the requirements for the production process for high-per- formance concretes, a research project was conducted with the main idea, starting with our own experience and that documented in nation- al and international literature, of clarifying in a targeted manner the equipment of a concrete plant in order to establish a solid scientific basis for the precise production of high-performance concrete. The scientific objective of the research project was primarily to determine the machine and process-related prerequisites for a mixing process adapted to the needs of the high-performance concrete and to obtain the homogeneous distribution of mixture collectives in the concrete mixer with the appropriate time limits of the effectiveness of the high-performance superplasticiser.

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