Developement of Danish Precast Industry

Precast Components and Structural Joints

First the paper describes in short the Danish pre-casting history and thereafter introduces the main load-bearing precast components and structural joints. Using prefabricated structural members in a big scale as in Denmark, focus must be put on a detailed load-path descrip- tion for vertical and horizontal loads. Such a description is extremely important for an effective design of components and joints,- the so-called macro-static and the micro-static analyses. Focus is then concentrated on the Danish precast building systems, and especially on the newest precast components and systems in Denmark. The paper winds-up with an example of a modern precast housing scheme in Denmark, ISBJER-GET (the ICEBERG), a most spectacular project on the harbour front in Aarhus, Jutland. The project is using a great number of prefabricated units, such as: PC-foundation piles, PC-foundation beams, solid PC-walls, PC-hollow core slabs, internal walls as lightweight concrete elements, steel-based roof elements, timber-based facades, and steel-based cantilevered balconies.

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