ICCX Russia – a successful event even in difficult times

International Concrete Conference & Exhibition

Following on from the highly successful anniversary event with record visitor and exhibitor numbers in 2014, it was not easy to predict whether the summing-up would be so positive after ICCX Russia 2015 especially in view of the current challenging economic and political situation in Russia. But yes, with the benefit of hindsight, we can confidently state that ICCX Russia 2015 turned out to be another success! The exhibitors, in particular, quite often came with very low expectations but were very favourably surprised by the number and quality of the visitors at the event. So, in the end, both sides were able to draw a positive conclusion.

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25.06.2024 - 27.06.2024
06.08.2024 - 08.08.2024
14.08.2024 - 16.08.2024