Test equipment for continuous quality control of fresh concrete

Franz Ludwig GmbH, 55124 Mainz, Germany

Modern production facilities for precast production have reached such a high degree of automation that the number of employees respon- sible for the entire production process is very small. At the same time, with increasing product throughput, high quality standards are set for finished products, such as, for example, products for gardening and landscaping or concrete pipes, blocks and roofing tiles. In order to meet these requirements, the factory personnel is dependent on control systems which automatically alert to changing production conditions and support the decision-making process to find the appropriate corrective action. If the staff’s workload is increased by other factors, such as shift working, appropriate measurement systems become even more significant. In order to be able to achieve ongoing quality control of fresh concrete, it is necessary to carry out continuous product assessment at the production machine itself. The following report is intend- ed to show one way in which such a test device can contribute to more efficient production cycles and simultaneous cost savings in paving stone production through the use of proven measurement technology.

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