Innovative mixing technology for ultra-high performance concrete

Simem S.p.A., 37046 Minerbe (VR), Italy

ABC Sopren was founded in 1975 for the production of spun concrete piles for foundations. The employment of avant-garde technologies has allowed to reach a very high production volume within a very efficient and highly automated factory. In 1980 the Company started the production of transmission poles with standard construction parameters for Enel, the Italian distributor of electrical energy. From 1983 due to the many programs for the safeguard of Venice from high water level, ABC Sopren started the production of spun concrete elements to be employed as containing diaphragm. The deep knowledge of the sector and the technology of the spun concrete allow the Company to sup- port the most complex works from the engineering point of view, handling complicated technical study to gain the challenge in the shortest possible time.

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SIMEM S.p.A. Viale dell'Industria, 24 37046 Minerbe (VR), Italy T +39 0442 640014 F +39 0442 640273 ABC Sopren s.p.a. via Lombardia, 14 35043 Monselice (Padova), Italy T +39 0429 782888, F +39 0429 74088


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