Board treatment mostly underestimated

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Production boards and their importance in concrete block factories are gaining more and more attention. While years back most production boards were made from softwood or hardwood, todays choices of boards are plenty. Going from wood to higher quality products like the Wasa Uniplast® fully plastic boards requires longer-term investment since the investment and longevity compared to wooden boards is greater. This investment needs to be protected. The lifespan with higher quality boards is not comparable with wooden products. There are still some plants for example using the Wasa Uniplast boards from the first batch ever produced which means that these boards are around 22 years old now. This longevity is surely due to these plants taking good care in the cleaning of the boards which is a very important fac- tor and should not be underestimated, no matter what board type you are using. The following report provides some directions on what you can do to extend the lifetime of a production board with just a few small changes in your system or simply a planned weekly control.

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