Self-stressing beds with flexible formwork systems

Construx b.v.b.a., 8531 Hulste, Belgium

Self-stressing beds are flexible and can be used to make different types of beams or other elements. With the system multiple types of ele- ments can be made on top of the bed just by adding or removing different side-shutters. Construx designs and manufactures self-stressing beds. The design of the dead-end and the live-end in combination with the bed itself provides a full range of possibilities for the applied forces. The stressing forces can go up to 1000T or more. The eccentricity of the forces applied on the bed can reach 500mm or more.

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Construx b.v.b.a. Hazebeekstraat 11 8531 Hulste, Belgium T +32 89 328855 F +32 89 328866


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