World premiere – „Korbwand" in fully automated production

rapperstorfer automation, 4641 Steinhaus bei Wels, Austria

Always keep on with one step at a time – this is a simple but well-known formula for success in many companies. With his start-up, Rapperstorfer Automation, Hubert Rapperstorfer has very successfully carried on without stopping in these footsteps. Following on from the prestigious award of the Austrian Cooperative Research Cooperation Prize, the company owner presented his world first on the occasion of the Engineering Days on 2nd and 3rd December 2015 in Vienna. Hubert Rapperstorfer and his team have for the first time been able to suc- cessfully manufacture reinforcement cages entirely automatically and completely individually for steel reinforced precast construction com- ponents. The reinforcement cages are produced on a compact machine and, despite their enhanced stability, even save on steel, plastic and energy.

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rapperstorfer automation Pointstr. 14 4641 Steinhaus bei Wels, Austria T + 43 699 10343401


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