Kubik m3 a Swedish company specialized in the production of two types of very special concrete

Simem S.p.A., 37046 Minerbe (VR), Italy

The most interesting product is Kubik Heavy Concrete: this concrete is obtained by a mix of aggregates coming from excavation made in LKAB iron mines in northern Sweden. Therefore they obtain an aggregate reach in ferrite, a ceramic compound consisting of a mixed oxide of iron and one or more other metals. Ferrite has ferromagnetic properties and is used in high-frequency electrical components such as antennas. With the mix they obtained a patent for the production of high performance concrete optimal for the production of wall elements that withstands radiation from X-ray machines and from nuclear waste.

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SIMEM S.p.A. | Viale dell'Industria, 24 37046 Minerbe (VR), Italy T: +39 0442 640014 F: +39 0442 640273 info@simem.com www.simem.com RÖBÄCKS Sweden AB Stöcksjö Kustväg 35 SE-905 80 Umeå, Sweden T +46 90 42800 info@robacks.se www.robacks.se KUBIK m3 Martinvägen 3 748 32 Österbybruk, Sweden T +4610 162 6400


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