Unglehrt builds high-performance concrete paving stone production plant on green-field site

Unglehrt GmbH & Co. KG, 87700 Memmingen, Germany

The building contractor Unglehrt has undergone an impressive development in the 125 years that have passed since its founding in Memmingen in 1890 by the master builder Franz Unglehrt. The company, which was transformed into Unglehrt GmbH & Co. KG in 1979 and is still headquartered in Memmingen, is managed today in the 4th generation by Thomas and Jürgen Unglehrt. Apart from construction work, the name Unglehrt stands for high-quality concrete products. Concrete pavers, including kerbstones, gutters and edging, as well as concrete manhole systems and special articles are produced in the Bad Grönenbach plant, in the midst of the Darast superregional gravel quarrying region. Unglehrt reacted to the growing demand for monolithic concrete manhole bottoms and a raised quality concept with the modernisa- tion of the manhole bottom and manhole ring manufacture with two new systems from the Italian company Colle (detailed report in CPI 4/2014). The next step on the agenda was the modernisation of the concrete block making machine. The original plan was to replace the existing block making machine, which has been in use at the Bad Grönenbach site since 1998. The outcome was, however, ultimately an entirely different one and a new plant was built on a green-field site in Aitrach, a few minutes by car from Bad Grönenbach. Unglehrt built the new production buildings itself. Frima of Emden supplied and installed the concrete block making machine as well as the main compo- nents of the plant equipment on the wet and dry sides. Kniele was commissioned to supply the complete mixing technology, while HS Anlagentechnik supplied the curing rack, complete with façade. The CDS Group from England supplied the associated air recirculation sys- tem. CDS also supplied the noise insulation enclosures for the concrete block making machine and the hydraulic unit.

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