Bilcon Industries sets new benchmarks in jacking of corrosion-resistant pipes in Singapore

Schlüsselbauer Technology GmbH & Co KG, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

The island state Singapore has developed rapidly into one of the most modern industrial nations in the world within just a few decades. Right now, more than 5.5 million inhabitants are living in the densely populated Singapore, the large majority in the same-named capital city. Thus, it is not surprising that the strategic drinking water and wastewater management has been given a high priority for a long time. As part of an ambitious infrastructural programme the country already started in the 1950s with the construction and further expansion of a nation- wide sewerage system. Nowadays, the South-East Asian city state is also an international leader in the field of reprocessing from sewage to drinking water. ‘To use every drop of water more than just once‘ is not only a declared motto – it is consequently put into practice in Singapore. More than one third of the whole wastewater is already recycled. Naturally there are very high demands on the quality of pipelines and sewerage systems in general. For instance, solely corrosion-resistant pipes may be used for wastewater disposal all over the country. The Singapore-based company Bilcon Industries, a well-established manufacturer of concrete pipes and precast elements, responds to this trend and has recently installed an innovative Perfect Pipe plant to produce lined concrete-HDPE composite pipes.

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