Ruskon Betoni Oy now also has monolithic concrete manhole bases in their programme

B+S Engineering GmbH, 48432 Rheine, Germany

Ruskon Betoni Oy, a Finnish family-run business, has enlarged its concrete pipe manufacturing facilities in Hollola (approximately 10 km west of Lahti) with a production line for monolithic concrete manhole bases. Ruskon Betoni wanted to enter the market with an innovative prod- uct to underscore its prominent role as one of the biggest manufacturers of precast for sewer construction work in Finland. The company also intended to send a clear signal as regards manhole solutions made out of plastic. It was B+S Engineering from Rheine, Germany, who implemented the production process in Hollola for manufacturing monolithic concrete manhole bases from self-compacting concrete. This production process, marketed under the name of Peco-System®, is the first of its type in Finland. Those responsible at Ruskon Betoni were especially impressed by the system’s great flexibility.

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