Innovation for smart industrial housing

Novatec S.R.L., 41013 Castelfranco Emilia (MO), Italy

The world of construction today requires a series of sophistications needed to fulfil technical specifications that are becoming more and more stricter and wider. The traditional concrete cast-in-situ way to build, relying on a semi-artisanal way to work, struggles to reach these objec- tives. It is the authors opinion that the near future of concrete technology is going to be based on a process that avoids as much as possi- ble the uncertainty coming from handicraft, granting the needed quality of construction and providing it in short times. The natural way to commit to this view is to improve the industrialisation of the construction process, taking advantage of the multiple innovations allowed by new building procedures. The core of the Domus Dry® system is the maximisation of the industrialised part of the final delivered product, attained with the in-situ dry assemblage of structural members, finishes and equipment. It has been tailored through an evolution of more than 12 years by transferring the methodology developed in the Italian (and European, in general) industrial and commercial concrete prefabrication sectors to the residential one. This implies a totally integrated design process among structure, architecture and equipment, the great majority of which are directly set within the production plant. Building Information Modelling is being widely used to manage the integrated design.

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