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Substantial increase in special concrete componentmanufacturing capacity using unique circulation sy

Nägelebau GmbH, 6832 Röthis, Austria


Nägelebau GmbH from Röthis in Voralberg, Austria, is one of the major companies in the region and is active on a wide business front. Its core businesses include raw material extraction, civil engineering, and the production of precast concrete components. The company started precasting in the 1960’s and, during the course of time, this field of activity has developed into the strongest area for Nägelebau GmbH. Their full range of precast products is very large today. Design-engineered, large-sized prestressed precast components with astounding dimensions, elements floors, frame-supported and ribbed slabs, façade elements in varying colours and surface finishes, numerous special components such as concrete driven piles, as well as precast for constructing stadiums, plus still more products, all are to be found amongst the precast on offer from Nägelebau. The company also provides a comprehensive assortment of concrete products for gardening and landscaping. Concrete paving blocks, concrete slabs, palisades, gutters and retaining walls can be named as some examples here. With a view to further expanding its special component segment and making it more economically efficient, a new pallet circulation system was commissioned for operations last year that must surely be the only one of its kind in the entire world. This new system was supplied by two German companies, Vollert and Weckenmann, and assembled in an added, purpose-built production hall (L x B x H = 90 x 50 x 15 m).

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Nägelebau GmbH
Bundesstr. 20
6832 Röthis, Austria
T +43 5522 415260 · F +43 5522 41526610
info@naegelebau.at · www.naegelebau.at
Vollert Anlagenbau GmbH + Co. KG
Postfach 1320
74185 Weinsberg, Germany
T +49 7134 520 · F +49 7134 52202
info@vollert.de · www.vollert.de
Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH+C
Birkenstraße 1
72358 Dormettingen, Germany
T +49 7427 94930 · F +49 7427 949329
info@weckenmann.de · www.weckenmann.de
Unitechnik Cieplik & Poppek AG
Fritz-Kotz-Str. 14
51764 Wiehl, Germany
T +49 2261 9870 · F +49 2261 987510
info@unitechnik.com · www.unitechnik.com
Dorner Electronic GmbH
Kohlgrub 914
6863 Egg, Austria
T +43 5512 22400 · F +43 5512 224046

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