New system for short delivery times of products with replaceable parts

Kobra Formen GmbH, 08485 Lengenfeld, Germany

A company's strategic product development should be oriented to the practical requirements and the customers' needs. Fundamentally speaking, it's about value creation – both for the customer and for the company – in order to generate added value in the co-operation and the efficient organisation of all connecting processes. This article makes reference to the article published in CPI 02/2016 on the innovative work of Kobra Formen GmbH in the field of mould construction, in which manufacturing variants, technologies and features for product improvement are illustrated. All of the further developments mentioned refer to the concrete block mould itself. This article discusses a new product that is not integrated in the concrete block mould, but instead represents a useful service and celebrated its world premiere at the bauma 2016 – Operate PremiumpartnerTM.

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