New small pallet concrete paver plant operating successfully in Phoenix, Arizona

Columbia Machine, Inc., Vancouver, WA 98661, USA

Phoenix Paver, located in Phoenix, Arizona recently purchased a new paver production facility from Columbia Machine in an attempt to replicate a proven model of success. Turning the established notion of “bigger is better” on its head, Phoenix Paver has paved the way by disrupting the model of using a big board with something smaller.

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Phoenix Paver Mfg. LLC 301 West Elwood, Phoenix, AZ 85041, USA F +1.602 2685912, T +1.602 2685908, Columbia Machine, Inc. 107 Grand Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98661, USA T +1 360 6941501, F +1 360 6904578


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06.08.2024 - 08.08.2024
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