Five German manufacturers have joined forces in a wetcast system partnership

A vision of strategic cooperation becomes reality

When the proprietors of five German companies, Kniele Mischtechnik, Remei, Via Domo, WMW Industrieanlagen and Würschum, got to know each other better at the Intermat in Paris, they realised that a system partnership would be an important proposition for the wetcast indus- try worldwide. They were all unanimously persuaded that wetcast products have many advantages - provided production is maintained at cutting-edge level - when compared to the competition from the ceramic and natural stone industries. A system partnership would make it easier for manufacturers of wetcast products to conquer a significant share of the market and open up other markets. On top of this, stand- alone solutions are often needed for the production of wetcast products with international customers. Their local suppliers sometimes lack the appropriate expertise particularly in the areas of state-of-the-art design, modern concretes, new manufacturing or colouring and surface treatment technologies (coating, colouring and printing processes).

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