Economical connection system for double-wall constructions allows particularly high concreting speed

Kappema GmbH, D-83317 Teisendorf, Germany

The KAP wave system was developed over a development period of more than ten years as an alternative to the lattice girder. In the meantime an ETA (European Technical Assessment) has been granted in addition to the German approval from the DIBT. Its simple and practical use in the precast plant makes the KAP wave a constantly growing product with a high momentum and demand. The many practical advantages are the reason why e.g. the Oberndorfer Company, an Austrian market and technology leader, uses the wave system in almost 65 % of its products, even though it produces its own lattice girders. Together with the "Middle East Technical University" in Ankara, Turkey, Oberndorfer has also succeeded in proving that the wave can be used in earthquake zones with high seismic activity. The latter topic is discussed in a separate report in this issue.

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