Prefabricated rollmats significantly shorten installation and construction times

Pedax GmbH, 54634 Bitburg, Germany

Rollmats are prefabricated to the correct dimensions, delivered to the building site on schedule and installed quickly with minimum effort by simply unrolling a few reinforcement elements. The installation time is shortened by 80 to 90 %. The rollmat is already standard in many countries. While rollmats have been used successfully in Scandinavia for a long time, the development is sluggish in German-speaking countries. That is actually difficult to understand because the benefits are clear and convincing. In addition to the unbeatable, easy and fast installation, up to 40 % of expensive reinforcing steel is saved, because rollmats can be tailor-made with different rod diameters, rod spacing and penetrations. In addition to the energy-saving, ergonomic procedure on the building site, significantly greater installation quality is achieved due to easy placement and exact rod position.

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