Plant Adds Capacity, Maintains Mobility

Ammann Elba Beton GmbH, 76275 Ettlingen, Germany

BKG Transportbeton GmbH + Co. KG develops concrete for projects that include road building, but a year ago the company found itself at a crossroads of its own. The business, near Karlsruhe, Germany, had found success with its Ammann Elba ESM 110 Concrete-Mixing Plant and its 4 80-tonne storage silos. The mobile plant had performed well since being purchased about 5 years ago and already had been moved successfully once. Yet the market increasingly demanded more varied concretes. The ESM plant was able to meet those requests because of its built-in ability to create special products such as steel-fibre concrete, self-compacting concrete and paving concrete.

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Ammann Elba Beton GmbH Bahnhofstraße 12-21 76275 Ettlingen, Germany T +49 7243 720 F +49 724372314


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