Precast Concrete Beam-To-Column Connection Using Interlocking Bars, An Alternative

Providing an economical and practical jointing method

A new connection between a precast concrete U-beam and a precast concrete column which incorporates interlocking bars and cast-inplace concrete has been studied. The main aim is to provide an economical and practical jointing method. In order to understand the structural behaviour of the connection, several full-scale joint arrangements were investigated in the laboratory. The test results showed that the beam-column specimens behaved structurally very well and met the acceptance criteria stated in ACI 374.1-05. This paper introduces a potentially new beam-to-column connection for use in precast concrete moment resisting frames. The connection is still under development in the laboratory, however, progress has been made in understanding its behaviour particularly in terms of strength, stiffness and mode of failure under different types of loadings.

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