Fully automated production systemsfor Loe’s new factory in Norway

Loe Rørprodukter AS, 3300 Hokksund, Norway

When one enters the beautiful, modern building recently constructed by Loe Rørprodukter A/S in Hokksund, Norway, it becomes clear to the visitor that this is no average concrete product factory. Under the massive roof of the 7300 sq.mt. precast concrete building, lie 8 separate HawkeyePedershaab production centers, 4 of which are fully-automatic systems utilizing the latest in controls and production technologies. Constructed with an investment of 150M NOK (approx. 20M EUR), it is quite clear to those who have experience in this industry that no plant on earth can be considered its equivalent, neither in automation & technology nor in sheer productive capacity & diversity – able to mass produce all manner of manholes and pipes from DN 300 to DN 3600. In fact, Loe’s factory is able to produce over 300 distinct precast concrete products.

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