Energy efficiency in concrete block production

Masa GmbH, 56626 Andernach, Germany

Masa GmbH from Andernach has been dealing successfully and innovatively with the topic of "energy efficiency in concrete block production" for several years. Apart from the possibilities to save energy costs, concrete block producers have a vested interest in analysing and improving the energy input and consumption of their plants, not least due to major amendments to the German Power and Energy Tax Act (which came into force on 01/01/2013) and the corresponding regulations. Requirements for good-quality energy audits were defined with the publication of the European standard EN 16247-1. In Germany, the execution of an energy audit in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1 represents for small and medium-size enterprises (SME) in particular a possibility to meet the requirements of the Power and Energy Tax Act for the surplus settlement. Within the scope of this topic, Masa has paid particular attention amongst other things to the areas of hydraulic pumps, drive technology and intelligent plant and control concepts, which will be dealt with below. At the beginning of 2016 at the 8th Works Manager Conference, Masa also presented aspects with which energy costs can be lowered, thus achieving possible relief from the energy and power tax.

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