High quality façade panel production developed in Germany

housefabrik GmbH, 34127 Kassel, Germany

housefabrik represents the next generation of Pre-Fab elements and production lines – innovative, green, high performance, economic and fast. The company developed a new and innovative endless production line that allows a high-speed production of tailored façade panels with Ultra High Performance Concrete that consists of 90% local raw materials. The facade technology is housefabrik’s latest innovation and covers the complete material and production knowledge for UHPC or HPC façades: A holistic solution for the complete concrete façade production process – from material analysis and development over production machinery, facility setup till material testing or even certification.

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housefabrik GmbH Angersbachstr. 12b 34127 Kassel, Germany T +49 561861 8880 F +49 561861 88899 contact@housefabrik.com www.housefabrik.com


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