Manufacturing matrix-optimised binding agent pastes using innovative mixing technology

Multicon GmbH, D-81675 Munich, Germany

Concrete is one of the most utilised, mass-produced construction materials in the world – available, accepted and applied diversely everywhere. The demands placed on concrete have grown so rapidly throughout the world that developing new concrete qualities with ever more specific requirement profiles has become increasingly more important. This is precisely the starting point for Multicon GmbH from Munich, which has launched a two-stage, high-speed mixing process called “Dual Mixing Technology”. This process has been successfully employed for more than one and a half years at Oberndorfer from Gunskirchen, Austria, one of the leading manufacturers of precast components in Europe. Oberndorfer is Multicon’s exclusive partner for Austria and, as such, has played a major role by integrating this innovative technology in its precast production facility.

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MultiCON GmbH Lucile-Grahn-Straße 38 81675 München, Germany


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