Automatic production of concrete products for agriculture in Russia

Humarbo Machinery B.V., 8171 MC Vaassen, The Netherlands

In the coming 4-5 years, dozens of new agricultural buildings will be constructed in Kursk Oblast: complexes for raising lambs, pig farm complexes, plants for processing animal feed. In the context of such headlong development of agriculture in the region, Humarbo´s customer, LLC BryanskAgrostroy is opening a new area of activity for itself: whereas in the past 6 years the company was engaged only in design and construction work, now for the realisation of future projects the decision was taken to supply on its own the concrete. At the end of 2016, senior management decided to manufacture its own reinforced concrete goods in a specialised company located in the Karl Lieb­knecht urban area of Kursk Oblast. LLC Bryansk­Agrostroy has invested approximately 6 million Euro in the fixed assets of the enterprise. The total headcount at the company when it reaches full capacity will be up to 200 persons working round the clock. The production capacity makes it possible to ship up to 5,000 m3 of goods per month, including up to 35,000 m2 of concrete slat floors.

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