Multi-function Heating System for Precast Concrete Elements enables Year-round Production

Kraft Curing Systems GmbH, 49699 Lindern, Germany

The Polish company Telwolt-Beton Sp. z o.o. began production in 1991. Since its founding, the company has mainly produced manhole components and other products for the installation of telecommunication networks. Through its many years of cooperation with customers from all over the country, the company has firmly established itself as a supplier of precast products for energy and telecommunication technology. In 2009, the company changed ownership. Following that change, the first modernization measures were taken with the aim of increasing the quality and productivity of the plant.

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Kraft Curing Systems GmbH Muehlenberg 2, 49699 Lindern, Germany T +49 5957 96120, F +49 5957 961210, TELWOLT - BETON Sp. z o.o. ul. Trześniowska 7, 27-600 Sandomierz, Poland T +48 15 8320781, F +48 15 8320692,


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