The TIM as an integration platform – automated data exchange between different IT systems

Precast Software Engineering GmbH, 5071 Wals-Siezenheim, Austria

The integration of IT systems along the entire value chain has not yet been implemented in many precast production facilities. In most cases, partially automated or manual database tuning activities result in the existence of various separate databases in the IT systems in question (ERP, CAD, MES, etc.), which in turn will result in substantial extra work ending up in information only being transmitted incompletely. The undesirable outcome of such developments are obstructed and defective bodies of information. By offering its Technical Information Manager (TIM) to the market, Precast Software Engineering GmbH is now providing an integration platform that automates and hence sustainably improves the information exchange between different IT systems. This in turn enhances the quality of the process as a whole, does away with errors, and satisfies the needs of users and customers in a much better way.

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