Stress relaxation losses of prestressing steel wires

Influence of long-time storage

Prestressed structures are susceptible to relaxation losses which are of significant importance in structural design. After being manufactured, prestressing wires are coiled to make their storage and transportation easier. The possible deleterious effects of this operation on the stress relaxation behavior of prestressing steel wires are usually neglected, though it has been noticed by manufacturers and contractors that when relaxation tests are carried out after a long-time storage, on occasions relaxation losses are higher than those measured a short time after manufacturing. The influence of coiling on the relaxation losses is checked by means of experimental work and confirmed with a simple analytical model. The results show that some factors like initial residual stresses, excessively long-time storage or storage at high temperatures, can trigger or accentuate this damage. However, it is also shown that if the requirements of standards are fulfilled (minimum coiling dia - meters) these effects can be neglected.

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