SMM Sonderbau: new concrete mixing plant commissioned non-stop production of special and standard …

Ammann Elba Beton GmbH, 76275 Ettlingen, Germany

… concrete varieties The Müller construction company is headquartered at Weiding near Cham in Germany's Upper Palatinate region. But these master builders are renowned far beyond the borders of their region for their excellence in general construction and civil engineering work as well as turnkey projects. The Müller family that owns the firm has also set up a specialist company – SMM Sonderbau – a prefabrication plant devoted entirely to the manufacture of concrete and brick-concrete products. The owners wanted to ensure a faster and more individual supply of fresh concrete for their customers and their own prefabrication plant in the future. To achieve this, they decided to purchase a stationary CBS 110 SL Elba concrete mixing plant from Ammann.

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Ammann Elba Beton GmbH Pforzheimer Straße 128b 76275 Ettlingen, Germany T +49 7243 720 F +49 7243 72314


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