UPB Increases Efficiency Every Year: Stable Growth through 3D/BIM based processes

Trimble Solutions Corporation, 02131 Espoo, Finland

Arturs Neiburgs is the Head of R&D, Engineering Department at UPB. He is responsible for Research & Development, software development projects for design, academic collaboration and new products. Trimble’s BIM software Tekla Structures has a big role in UPB’s design, production and construction processes. The company has also successfully implemented Tekla Model Sharing, a collaboration solution in Tekla product family, into their workflows and have experienced great results using this innovative technology for internal and external project teams to work more efficiently. From his experience Neiburgs knows that when software is clever and functions smoothly it inevitably allows time and room for users to develop working pro-cesses. When processes are carefully planned time will be saved. Such good processes have grown efficiency at UBP each year.

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