Precast concrete‘s contribution to the energy transition

BIBM The European Federation for Precast Concrete, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

Transition into a low-carbon economy become more and more a reality. European targets set to achieve a low-carbon economy by 2050 and energy transition takes a big part of it. The promotion and use of renewable energies are a must if our society want to achieve a greener, more environmental friendly future. But how can precast concrete contribute to this achieve these targets? Precast concrete offers countless solutions to promote the use of renewables in the energy mix, both in the production of renewable energy and in their integration in the built environment.

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BIBM – The European Federation for Precast Concrete rue d’Arlon, 55, 1040 Brussels, Belgium T +32 2 340 1828, F +32 2 588 0649,


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