A non-linear approach for the analysis of hollow core floors with large openings – Part 1

Numerical analysis and full-scale tests

In this work, the structural behaviour of precast hollow core floors in presence of large openings is analysed through a finite element procedure, by adopting a proper non-linear constitutive relation for reinforced concrete. In the first part of the paper, the proposed procedure will be illustrated in its main features, and its effectiveness will be proved through comparisons with significant experimental results on fullscale specimens, representing a portion of a HC floor with a large opening (1.2 m x 1.0 m). In the second part of the work, this NLFE procedure will be extended to more general cases, by performing a parametric numerical study, whose results will be summarised in "design charts", able to predict the reduction in floor bearing capacity - with respect to the corresponding floor without openings - as a function of opening dimensions and position.

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