CS Beton in the Czech Republic invests in the future and relies on the latest generation …

Wasa AG, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany

… of a production board The CS-Beton s.r.o. company, with headquarters in Litoměřice, is one of the leading concrete product manufacturers in the Czech Republic. The company was founded by Josef Matejka in 1992. The company has expanded continuously since that time and established itself on the Czech market. There are no shutdowns at CS-Beton, so they can always respond to the ever-increasing demands of the market. Josef Matejka’s son and daughter, Marek Matejka and Petra Čopová, now manage the company’s fortunes. Approx. 380 employees work at CS-Beton in Litoměřice. So, the company has become an important employer for the region.

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CS-BETON s.r.o. Velké Žernoseky 184 41201 Litoměřice, Czech Republic T + 420 473 030400 F + 420 416 747179 csbeton@csbeton.cz www.csbeton.cz WASA AG Europaplatz 4 64293 Darmstadt, Germany T +49 6151 7808500 F +49 6151 7808549 info@wasa-technologies.com www.wasa-technologies.com


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