New production line for concrete paving stones at Sunroad in South Korea

Hess Group GmbH, 57299 Burbach-Wahlbach, Germany

Sunroad & Co. Ltd. has been operating in South Korea as a dealer in high-quality concrete products for 10 years. The company led by CEO Sun Ho Jung is regarded as an extremely reliable supplier to the large construction companies and engineering offices in South Korea and the products are used in very large and important projects, not only in the province of Gyeonggi–do. Since the company’s aim is constant technical modernisation and further development of the products, taking into consideration the preservation of the environment, as well as an increase in quality and output, a decision was taken to procure a new block-making machine from the Hess Group. The new plant is located in Icheon, about 100 km from the capital city of Seoul.

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Sunroad &Co. Ltd. Minsokgongwon-ro 88, Danwon-gu 15465 Ansan-si Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Hess Group GmbH Freier-Grund-Straße 123 57299 Burbach-Wahlbach, Germany T +49 2736 497 60, F +49 2736 497 6620, DUKSAN TECH Co., Ltd 1B 5L Seong seo Industrial Complex, Se cheon-ri, Dasaeup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea T +82 53 5831795, F +82 53 5814998, Rotho Robert Thomas Metall- und Elektrowerke GmbH & Co. KG Hellerstraße 6, 57290 Neunkirchen, Germany T +4927357880, F +492735788559, Wiggert & Co. GmbH Wachhausstr. 3b 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany T +49 721 943460 F +49 721 402208


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