Floor slabs with in-situ topping:comparison of steel requirements

Calculation according to DIN 1045 (1988) as well as DIN 1045-1:2001-07 and DIN 1045-1:2008-08

At the time of writing, DIN 1045 in the August 2008 edition is the currently applicable standard for support structures made of concrete, steelreinforced concrete and prestressed concrete. It is the current end product of a long adaptation to European standards and paves the way for EC2. From the large number of possible applications, the effects of various editions of standards on the steel requirements for precast flooring slabs with in-situ topping is investigated. This segment is further limited to untensioned floor slabs. The dimensioning concept has been completely revised over the years and the verification of shear force transmission in the joint was renewed in the last edition.

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