Synergy between vibration technology and material testing creates efficiency

Brecon Vibrationstechnik GmbH, 50933 Cologne, Germany

Brecon is well known in many concrete plants around the world as a competent partner in the area of vibration technology for concrete compaction, conveying technology and other applications. Brecon took over the vibration technology product sector from Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart in 1995. After 10 years of "Brecon licensed by Bosch", the product sector became entirely the responsibility of Brecon GmbH. Since then the company has produced both vibration motors and the matching control technology itself.After 23 years of focusing on vibration technology, Brecon is now offering a supplementary portfolio for the materials testing product sector under the brand name Bepete.

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BRECON Vibrationstechnik GmbH Stolberger Strasse 393 50933 Köln, Germany T +49 221 95442753 F +49 221 954427-7


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