Production system for agricultural precast concrete elements – a combination for both dry cast …

Humarbo Machinery B.V., 8171 MC Vaassen, The Netherlands

… and wet cast production in one machine Since the demand for new agricultural buildings continues to rise in Kursk Oblast, Humarbo’s customer, LLC “Bryansk- AgroStroy” has adjusted the business objectives. At the end of 2016, senior management of LLC “Bryansk - AgroStroy” decided to manufacture its own reinforced concrete goods in a specialised company located in the Karl Liebknecht urban area of Kursk Oblast. In less than a year after the commissioning of the automatic Humarbo MPS 6.25 meter system for the production of concrete slats the demand already exceeded the production capacities. Facing to this increasing demand for its existing dry cast products (slats, beams and separation) , the new demand for wet cast products (insulated wall panels) and thanks to the excellent experience with the first MPS 6.25 (commissioned in 2017) and a very good relationship with Humarbo Machinery B.V., BryanskAgrostroy ordered this new MPH 4.25, with 160 pallets in the storage, and enough space to add 35 moulds or an extra 40 pallets in order to reach full production capacity.

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